Wall Paper Design


A very futuristic approach to wall paper design, Ecco Luce from industrial designer Jonas Samson, involves using LEDs instead to created light-emitting wallpaper that looks like normal wallpaper during the day. Switch off the light, however, and the light-sensitive LEDs light up. Some of his designs are simply beautiful, and there’s even scope for active designs that move as you do.



A similar LED wallpaper project was done by Strømmer, which translates to ‘streams and flows’ in English. It was made as an art installation in Sandnes as part of a European City of Culture bid in 2008, and is made up of a series of wall panels that light up when a shadow is cast on them.

The “light on demand” system has a series of LEDs embedded into the wall panels that react to movement and shadow, much like security lights. When they detect someone walking past the wall lights up in the same shape that a shadow would cast, then once they’re gone the lights turn off. You can cast your shadow onto the wall and watch it light up. Not only is the wall incredibly energy efficient, it’s also a great safety feature that keeps the underpass lit when it needs to be. It reacts instantly to pedestrians walking past, keeping the tunnel lit for them, and then turns off when it’s not needed.


Looking at more traditional wallpaper styles I came across Fayre Fair’s wallpaper design by Mini Moderns, Its a modern twist on a vintage subject with beautiful carousel illustrations and a very simple colour pallet it is sure to stand the test of time.

And probably my favorite thing I’ve stumbled across so far is the designs by Barneby Gates, a company set up by Ex Vogue Living Editor, Vanessa Barneby and fellow Edinburgh graduate, Alice Gates. The pair design all of their own wallpapers and get them printed at one of the few remaining print works in the Midlands that use traditional printing techniques. Using a variety of printing techniques including surface printing, flexographic printing, and gravure printing, Barneby Gates creates absolutely beautiful papers that are elegant, charming, enchanting and of course very pretty.


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